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I’m amazed at how many women I meet who would sooner shave their heads than assert themselves feminists. And I’ve been feeling somewhat impotent in the face of this. I want everyone, and especially the women I know, to own the label.

What the hell for, though? I expect there are any number of people who value, and propagate feminist ideals without calling themselves feminists. So what if they live it, but don’t want to openly associate with this movement, or ideology? Wouldn’t it be better to have everyone act with feminist goals in mind than be worried about everyone calling themselves feminists?

I assume that women whom I perceive as feminist (“Women should never be discriminated against or oppressed because they are women! Duh.”) but who are unwilling to call themselves feminists are afraid of being uncomfortable. They’re afraid to be ridiculed or dismissed because they are feminists. They’re afraid people will perceive them in ways they don’t want to be perceived. They are afraid to own an oft-maligned label. (Gosh, thanks Rush!)

I think, though, that some amount of discomfort is necessary in order to affect change.

Of course, this speaks to a different question: what does a feminist look like? I’ve seen a bunch of blogs recently asking this question, but they’ve tended towards the more conservative, religious types.

Why are/aren’t you a feminist?


Written by this woman

February 16, 2010 at 9:36 PM

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